Bill limiting homeowner liability under home invasion advance

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that clarifies a person is justified in defending their home and family against criminal activity and may not be civilly liable for damage or injury to perpetrators.
Sen. Curtis Bramble, R-Provo, said HB129 was “timely” given a home invasion in Springville early Thursday morning during which an intruder was shot and killed by the homeowner.
The bill, sponsored by Rep. Patrick Painter, R-Nephi, is a clarifying measure, Bramble said.
“If you’re being victimized, you can defend yourself without being sued by the person trying to take advantage of you or your property,” said Bramble. The bill moved to a final reading on a vote of 19-0.

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  1. Launa Taylor

    This is an important clarification and may deter crime some especially if it is given some exposure in the news so perpetrators realize their risks more clearly. Young people especially when compromised seek to find a low risk advance.
    It will also enable quick response without undue duress of worry about reprocussions for those protecting their homes and families.

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